Writing some more firmware input specification while waiting at the swimming lessons of my son. Found some programming help and shipped the “dummy car” I made. #evconversion #pcbdesign #electricvolvo   More #electricVolvo progress! My father helped me in aligning the doors and nose. Now all in place of course using Mike Sander Fat tape. Also the #CHAdeMO DC fastcharge cover is installed. #evconversion #volvoamazon   On paper it looked very good as a (temporary) second car. GT steering wheel, rev counter, overdrive, reclining seats with headrests, extended dash pad, LPG, one year MOT, towbar, original Dutch car, bilstein shocks, Marchal lights, new front tires and inner front wing just replaced. Unfortunately not a solid basis so will be a (significant) project in relatively short time. And I am not into that. Are you? If anyone is interested, PM me and I’ll put you into contact with the sellers. Located in Friesland, The Netherlands. #volvoamazonwagon #volvoamazon #projectcar #nearmiss   Thanks to Erik for a crash course SMD soldering and finding me a used hot air soldering station. #smdsoldering   Cool stuff from @jlcpcb arrived! Very happy with what they produced. One mistake from my end: keep out zone for the Cinch header was too small but it just fits anyway. #evconversion #chargelink #pcbdesign   What a difference a MOT (and carwash) makes! Thanks @autoservicetwello Looks and drives like new despite it’s 550.000+ km’s. Hopefully the last MOT. #volvo940

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